iCollin Student Success Coaches

Unlock Your Potential – Discover Student Success Coaching

Are you ready to excel in your online courses and achieve your academic goals? Unlock your potential and connect with a Student Success Coach today! 
iCollin Virtual Campus Student Success Coaches are here to guide and support you through your online journey with Collin College. We understand that navigating college as a remote student brings unique challenges. Access the iCollin Virtual Campus from anywhere in the world to explore your academic goals, and work with our coaches to achieve them!  


Services we offer: 

Coaching. Our coaches collaborate with you to develop personalized success plans tailored to meet your academic goals.  

Time Management and Prioritization Support. We can discuss time management strategies and guide you through the process of tackling large goals in smaller, purposeful steps.  

Webinars. Our coaches partner with Collin College faculty to offer webinars to online students during the academic year. Topics focus on exam week wellness and success in the online course environment.  

Connection to Resources. Our coaches serve as the first point of contact for online students and can help you connect with resources that meet your needs.  

Proactive Outreach. As an iCollin Virtual Campus student, expect to receive proactive communication from your Student Success Coach throughout the semester. Check CougarWeb for emails about upcoming events and deadlines that are important for your success.  

Registration Support. If you need help developing an academic plan or have questions about how to register or drop a course, our coaches can assist.  


Join us in unlocking your potential -- make the most of your online learning experience by connecting with a Student Success Coach.  


Contact us today! You can reach us in the following ways: 


If you have a quick question, call 972-549-6416 and ask to speak with a coach. If you prefer to reach out by email, connect with us at iCollinHelp@collin.edu. Please provide your CWID and specific question so that we can assist you.  


We have times available throughout the week for personalized, one-on-one virtual coaching appointments. Please reach out to 972-549-6416 or iCollinHelp@collin.edu and specifically ask to make a coaching appointment.  


We look forward to seeing you succeed in your online courses!